Les Pépinières de la Roselière are part of a true ecosystem. Roselière means « Reed bed » referring to the local marshland, a haven for flora and fauna such as the wild ducks of our logo and the mascots of our company. To conserve this unique place, we are also finding uses for our land that are in harmony with nature and the local landscape.

Landscape preserved & responsibly managed

This ecosystem is the product of a preserved environment and responsible practices. Bordering a Natura 2000 area, our land is cultivated with the greatest respect for regulations, with limited use of pesticides. The bands between trees voluntarily left grass and weeding around the trees is manual or mechanical. Hedges, wooded landscape features of the country of Bray, are promoted and maintained. This ecosystem is also a coherent set of agricultural activities.

Orchards & Apple Juice

With Normandy, La Roselière is forced to have their orchards. Planted with different varieties of old apples without any chemicals and harvested by hand, they provide a fruity and tangy apple juice.

Apiculture & Honey

To encourage pollination, and as a witness of the ecological quality of our site, we breed local breed of bees. Our apiary produces an annual flower honey appreciated by the family and our visitors.

Farm & Eco-pasture

All plots of La Roselière are not planted. Some, along the river are too wet. Others are temporarily unoccupied, by the play of rotations. To preserve open landscapes, we initiated the breeding of cows Highland, who found there climatic conditions close to their grazing Scottish origin!

Tiny House

We share the love for our local area by opening our doors to visitors and tourists. Enjoy staying in our Tiny House where you can live, for a week or a weekend, at the slow pace of authentic Normandy life. With the perfect location in the surrounding wooded countryside, you will enjoy the true nature! link